About the Tahunanui Community Centre

Our Vision:

A vibrant community hub that assists Tahunanui to thrive.

Our Mission:

Connecting local people, supporting life-long learning, and being a catalyst for positive locally-led action and change.

Introducing the Tahunanui Community Centre Team

Centre Manager


Judy Robinson

Judy brings all the different characteristics of her staff together to create a dynamic team with a wealth of skill, knowledge and personality. This translates to a community centre that is welcoming, open and with something on offer for everyone.

Community Activators

Katie Hughes Community Activator Tahunanui Community Centre

Katie Hughes

Katie joined the Tahunanui Community Centre in early 2016. She has a diverse community services background, and is passionate about creating forums to empower individuals and communities to realise their potential.


Callum Huntley

Callum is our community Youth Worker. His friendly, approachable and energised disposition is a great asset to our centre. Callum's role here is to help plan and deliver the Youth Drop-In sessions on Tuesday afternoons. He also supports the Tahunanui Youth Action Group to put on community events throughout the year.

IMG_20180927_140921 (1)

Maddie Gough

Maddie is an enthusiastic member of our team. She helps with our funding and communications and loves being part of this busy and lively community environment. Maddie enjoys contributing to the myriad of ways we bring our community together.


Jaid Van den Burg

Jaid is our community Youth Worker Assistant. She helps to deliver the Youth Drop-In sessions on Tuesday afternoons. She is also a great source of help with the Tahunanui Youth Action Group.


Selena Serra

Selena is our supportive and positive counsellor. She offers compassionate and confidential counselling sessions. This is a free service. Available by appointment. Please phone 548 6036 to arrange a time.


Ruby Woodall

Rudy is our Accounts Advisor and supports us with accounting and financial matters.


Early Childhood Teacher

Cushla Vass Playgroup Supervisor Tahunanui Community Centre

Cushla Vass

Cushla is found at our front desk.  She does our day to day admin and is there to meet you with her friendly smile. Cushla also runs our Garden Group, S.A.S.S and Art Group.


Bridgitte Older

Bridgette is a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Watch this space for her profile story!

Early Childhood Teacher

Early Childhood Teacher


Denise Forbes

Denise is a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Watch this space for her profile story!



Sarah Taylor

Sarah is a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Watch this space for her profile story!


Teacher Support

Early Childhood Teacher


Michelle Ballinger

Michelle is a student teacher. She provides invaluable teacher support.

Watch this space for her profile story!


Debbie Whalon-Frans

Debbie is a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher. She is our regular relief teacher. We are so happy to have her as part of our team.

Watch this space for her new photo and profile story!


Governance Board Members

The Governance Board is a committed group of current and former preschool and playgroup parents and community-based programme people. They enjoy contributing to the Centre’s future direction and success, as it is a fantastic resource that they have all benefited from over the years. As Chairperson Fiona says, "We’re lucky to have a great bunch of staff who give their all to the Tahunanui community and we’re excited to see new programmes growing and evolving all the time. Give us a call at (03) 548 6036 pop in to the Centre if you’re keen to find out more about joining the team."

Our Board Members:

Fiona Thomas, Chairperson
Jane Knight, Vice Chairperson
Kate Shaw, Secretary
Lila Osnabrugge, Treasurer



Get involved

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The Tahunanui Community Centre is a registered charity number CC36240